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Delicious Spoonfuls & Delicious Abilities Center

Enjoy Fresh, kosher, dairy, and vegetarian items as well as ice cream desserts and learn at our Delicious Abilities Center.   Created to empower, train amploy adults with Special Needs.  Help us decide which items to keep on our menu and which should go!


  • Delicious Spoonfuls Menu 
  • Soups
  •  Vicchyssoise 
  • Spanish Gazpacho 
  • Fruit Soup 
  • Curried Butternut Squash Soup
  •  Baked French Onion Soup  

  • Fish
  • Salmon with Oriental Marinade
  • Salmon with Honey Dijon 
  • Salmon with bourbon and brown sugar
  •  Gravad Lax with bagel and cream cheese  

  • Pastas most available gluten free
  •  Farfalle tossed with ricotta and stir fried vegetables
  •  Lasagna  and Veggie Lasagna 
  • Baked Ziti
  • a Pasta with Alfredo Sauce  

  • Quiches du jour Available  crustless. (gf)  

  • Sandwiches 
  • Grilled cheese on Challah or rye bread With tomato or avocado  
  •  Crepes du jour Cheese Chocolate Fruit Ice cream  

  • Side dishes
  •  Israeli salad
  •  Spinach salad with dried fruit and nuts 
  • Black bean salad with red onion, avocado and corn 
  • Cold pasta salad 
  • Sauteed spinach or kale with onion, garlic, mushrooms & red pepper 
  • Kasha varnishkas with plenty of mushrooms 
  • Smashed potatoes 
  • Potato kugel 
  • Quinoa Wheatberry or tabouli
  •  Roast root vegetables including sweet potato  

  • Desserts 
  • Cheesecake 
  • Fruit crisp (apple, cherry, peach) 
  • Brownies (gluten free and regular)
  •  Individual mousses 
  • Cookies 
  • Cream puffs or profiteroles (filled with ice cream)
  •  Home made whipped cream
  •  Nut crust fruit tart
  •  Kokosh.  Better than babka 

Helen Gottesman 561-676-2078

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What's for Dinner?

Delicious Spoonfuls Proposed Menu Soups Each day, one hot and one cold soup will be offered


Vichyssoise. Smooth, cold potato, leek and cream soup

Spanish Gazpacho smooth, cold tomatoes, cucumber, garlic and more

Fruit Soup 

Curried butternut squash Soup. Includes, carrots, Sweet Potatoes and more

Black Bean Soup with side of onion and sour cream

Roast Tomato and Basil soup 

French Onion Soup with Melted Cheeseand French Bread   

Salads Israeli salad 

Spinach with dried fruit and nuts 

Black Bean Salad with avocado, corn and more 


Pizza Individual Traditional with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese  toppings mushrooms, peppers, onions, basil, spinach and more   

Crepes/Blintzes with your choice of filling

Blueberries/Cherries/Apples/Apricots Cheese /Vegetables 


Ice Cream   

Pastas Tossed with Ricotta and stir fried vegetables 

Lasagna Veggie and Regular 

Baked Ziti 

Alfredo sauce/vodka sauce   



Fruit Crisp 


Individual Mousses 


Cream Puffs/Profiteroles 

Home Made Whipped Cream 

Nut crust Fruit Tart   

Fish Dishes Salmon Oriental Marinade Salmon Honey Dijon

Salmon Bourbon 

Gravad Lax with Bagel and Cream Cheese   

Quiches  Regular and Gluten Free (Crustless)   

Side dishes Vary 

Cold Pasta Salad 

Noodle Kugel 

Sauteed Spinach or ka

le with Peppers, Mushrooms and more Kasha Varnishkas 

Smashed Potatoes 

Potato Kugel 



Roast Vegetables   

Sandwiches Grilled Cheese on Challah

add in tomato, avocado or basil pesto





Crème Puffs/Profiteroles with Chocolate or Raspberry Sauce   

Ice Cream Ice Cream /



Ice Cream Sodas and  

Egg Creams (like an ice cream soda without the ice cream)